Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Me of Little Faith

It is career oriented with the faith issue. People are actually being very encouraging in entrepreneurship. Its not that I do not want to be self-employed: it isn't something that I have complete faith for. If I were to do crafting on a regular basis, I'm not prepared yet to know how to sell. I would at least need a part time job. Something to make up for bad days. I do not have enough to be completely self-reliant with what I sell. There are still a few options I would consider, but I am not completely giving up my career search for what I currently have. I do want to keep building on myself, and I guess until unemployment runs out and I don't have a job in the meantime, I have no other choice.
I don't have much faith to find a regular job either.
There was some other things I picked up on today that I am appreciative of. I was very adequately acknowledged with Obama ratings. Socialism. I think he is a failure in economics because of his policies (SOCIALISM). Most still prefer and favor him over the negative people, but his numbers of positivity are dropping.
I laughed at his Joe Flacco statement. It isn't something I completely get and maybe none of us get each other.


Obama must have found out about some things that went on at the Special Olympics that I went to when I worked at UCP.
Sometimes, I really do think like a girl next door. When guys bash on me, I really don't take it seriously all of the time. I'm the type that will name call back with booger brain or something stupid. I played with a lot of boy neighbors growing up. I'll never forget Brandon and Ryan. It was Ryan and I who played Play Station together all of the time.
Other times, I know when to take a man seriously and when I get abused.
Joe Flacco: I am not close enough to know him. I think he could be a mixture of being both abusive and playful and maybe even testing me and not getting me.
But Obama, I appreciate how you defend my honor. You give him his karma back and leave it as: The players keep letting him win, because he may actually win for real one day. BWahahahahhaha!!!!!! It is so evil for me to laugh and I feel horrible, but Obama, when you come across like that and translate it, it is YOU who makes it that way and funny.
I am picking up on other things too. I think Josh ignores how much I hate him and instead is taking a lot of pride that he was the man that I lost my virginity to. Oh God, with the way this looks, I don't think I will ever be able to get rid of him.
I saw Johnny Depp sign. This is like walking on eggshells. After watching Twilight, I have a catty feeling that Depp is Holly's Josh. This is where philosophy has many branches.
After all that has happened in my life, I can not picture myself EVER being together with him again. I know there will be testers and already has been with the EVER comment, but I really mean it. I do not want to live a life of blood, sweat, and tears because I don't want him back, but at the same time, I don't want to have to kill him either. I just want us to stay separate and extremely far away from each other.

As for Johnny Depp. Why forgive one man and not the other? Funny how some people say that after they don't care when other women havn't even thought twice for forgiving Josh for what he has done to me.
I'm not saying Johnny Depp may be interested in me in a serious way. I'm playing with the idea while in my interrogation.
I don't know if Depp would or would never do something like that to me. Of course I wouldn't want to be approached like that. I would want to be seduced differently ;0)
I think a lot of men hate me more for my explosion. I think they hate me for my wrath. I think others deny my wrath and would rather be belitteling despite some things that have happened. It is in man's nature to hide vulnerability; it is typical.
Yet, compared to other women, I feel very hated on by men. Sometimes, I think I'm their worst nightmare. I've been single for a very long time. Dane Cook has already called me a cunt, which I am now thankful for. Its not easy to be a pushover after what has happened to me. It would be an insult to myself to be a pushover. No, I don't blame Dane for everything either.

But back to Depp, if the Twilight rumor is true, I would have the courage to forgive him if he approached me the right way. I would not judge him by his past if he was seriously interested.

No conclusion, just random thoughts