Saturday, February 2, 2013

Random Thoughts

Busy Busy Busy
Relieved to get some of my to do stuff out of the way, but I still have a long list of things to get done.... I have adjusted some to having less time to get things done, but still get anxious where I feel I'm not getting enough things done.
I finally got around to advertising for etsy. There were more things I had planned posting on there, but will just have to wait to post later. The advertising can't wait much longer. Hopefully this advertising experiment will work a little better. I have a lot of my personal crafting to get finished. I had finished knitting a purse but not finished in working on its structure. I have to work on it a little more for it to be the purse I want it to be. Socks are another thing I need to finish. I have been wanting to do some tops as well that I had originally planned to finish last year and still have yet to get around. So many ideas to complete in the knitting dept. I'm eventually going to get around to working on my gourds. I'm excited to try a few other crafting experiments but they are still in the process. Although I have yet to sell any shot glasses; I don't want to give up on them. I liked the idea of it. I liked the convenience of it. I thought it would be one of those types of products that would be easy to sell as gifts or just for the fun of it. I'll probably make just two more sets until they do start to sell. Supply and demand.
I was happy to get out last night. Some bar scenes will never be the same again and some bars I'm just not going to be comfortable in being there. I like having one or two regular bars to hang out at. Some bars are less pressuring or at angst than others. The bar I was at last night wasn't really too bad. I like they have a multiple computer game when I get too bored. Of course I liked the alcohol most of all. I'm not really big on basketball but I was happy when Indiana beat the Heat. Some competitions I've never counted as much to begin with. I don't like giving too much of a cheer for a team I would prefer to win because I don't like the idea of what winning means to some people. Also, the fact that a game is just a game. It is something to sometimes be able to be entertained at random places.
In other thoughts, I already foresee the living paycheck to paycheck torment this month. There is so much I need and the tight budget that I have is already too tight. I hope next month will be much better after I get some financial spending out of the way and caught up on the things that I need and have to have. I finally got around to getting a haircut. Woo hoo. One other random thought; I'm so happy that Mitzi is now a crawler!!!!!!!

Here are some Spritely Finessed self-advertising pics: