Sunday, December 29, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me

My 20s are gone. My anger with truth and time is still ever-present and am angry at the way I have never been given the rest and security that I know I want and need. While the feelings are there; I'm not going to elaborate anymore with my anger................ 30s 30s 30s. I do hope that God has better things waiting for me in years ahead. I don't want to think of the thought of aging anymore with whatever will be happening in years to come....... Life is busy. Life is anxious. Of course the time I'm most anxious for a job is when there are too many holidays going on at once............ I am excited that Mitzi and I will have the house to ourselves in the next 3 days. I don't know if I will take her anywhere for new years or we will just celebrate it at home. We probably will celebrate at home................ I feel like I'm on this funny overdrive trek right now where something may or may not come about. I do and don't have a point with some things. I feel like I'm just at this certain pace and place where I just feel like I'm being a nonstop runner, and when I'm done on whatever this trek is, than I'm done. More movies to watch, some people or things to notice, some things to wait for whether or not I'm hoping for something to happen. I'd still have some things to keep busy with............. With Obama's healthcare, I'm really not sure what he is getting at right now. He looks pretty mad. If I could say anything; I would rather him take a chill pill.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Short and Sweet

Neither night is really good. Hahahaha someone out there has ratted that I'm on my period. hahahaahah. Oh shut up. I can dance if I want to. a little bloated and all. So, it really isn't an option if I want to be a Roxanne tonight, but I can still have fun. Everything is up in the air and I don't care. Awe, Casino Barilla, they picked on you. I didn't look at the clip the first time they posted it, because I have a hard time trusting even the online media. (msn media). Sorry if you feel embarrassed. I still want to dance with you if I ever happen to meet you out. You make yourself out of reach anyway. They did have you in a band the other night at the Outdoor club incase you didn't know you were being thrown out somewhere. I danced so much anyway, that I got a pain in my side that ppl sometimes get from running. Its supposed to snow tmw anyway ice and all, so I'm picking tonight anyway. Going to dance if I want to .