Sunday, March 31, 2013

Do you want my 2cents?

Haha. I thought it was funny. Really. Yes, it takes a cold-hearted cold-handed dead killer to kill. In some brainstorms, I'd rather keep a complex. I'll never agree that it would be ok for an intruder to intrude in my property and expect to sue me from accidental ankle break all the way to me possibly doing some more serious injury from some sort of weapon. Self- defense is self defense. Especially when it comes to an intruder and your own life could be at risk? Yes. I know your posts have been about schools and everything, but from the start, I'm keeping my complex. Furthering my complex, in most cases, I wouldn't be likely to judge the reaction of the person who is being intruded. Even if they do the total opposite like crying to the intruder's face and being their instant victim. If I had my own place and a man around the house, I would be most likely expecting him to have some self-defense techniques. I don't need a tough man contest or body building champ winner though. no.
I do yoga sometimes too. I'm not entirely into the religions of yoga, but I appreciate my own peaceful atmosphere.
I know you have a comedic personality. But not everyone has that same personality. Some people like to be taken seriously and have their limits. It isn't fair for stalkers, psychopaths, and harassers to get away with some hate, psycho, terrorizing, god-complex, or just simply insane crimes. It isn't right. With your comedic personality, your entertaining could probably get you just about through any situation. (I hope that doesn't provoke the psychos who would play the daredevil in testing you in your entertainment and comedy.)
Not sure what was going on in your world, but I'm not minding the news today. I hate that I can't remember everything in the past. I feel the need to be updated with past info.