Saturday, February 22, 2014

Random Thoughts

Right now, life is way too hectic. I was able to give myself a little relief today, but there are still tons of things left on my list to do. I have to return an item that I got for Mitzi. I hate doing returns. So many little things in doing the work to return when ordering online and shipping. I have to contact the company and exchange for a different size, print all the printing stuff, and deal with the post office. That is the main downfall of online shopping. I'm a little anxious over a few money matters and finding a job, but I'm not going to get too worked up for now......... I haven't felt well today and this makes me unhappy. I have things to do, but I just feel sluggish. I didn't even feel like writing this blog. I find in my sluggish and unwell times, I feel a little better if I force myself to get more things done. Sometimes, I make myself sicker if I don't stay sluggish. nauseous, headache, earache kind of thing. I also don't know how I want to spend some of my time.......... I've been getting more ready for Canada and am getting excited more. Right now, I think the dangerous thing to avoid is getting caught up in between the drama of the US and Canadian hockey teams. Man, I would hate being pushed on someone or someone pushing themselves on me and I would have to make some sort of preferential decision. Right now, I have no comment on either of the hockey teams. Whatever their real drama was, I don't want to know. Endless Mars dominos if I were to get involved. Sometimes to know something about a person or what was said, it always leads to more directions of the who, the what, the time, what happened, and what happened first. If there was a person who shoved me under that bus, I would hate the person who did. I have my mind set on the shopping, and going to the waterpark for the shits and giggles of it. Oh, maybe for my own personal prideful strut too. What would be cool, is if they allowed alcohol in the waterpark, and I could be sitting in a Jacuzzi with a good buzz going on. I don't think I would be bringing it into the wave pool unless it were allowed, but it would be cool to have a buzz while I'm riding the waves on my inner tube. So many bars and restaurants in this mall that I could get a buzz before I got in. I've got to find out more about the main dancing night club and other night clubs. It was just so cool to find out about a few of them. I saw some sights I could see, but I'm not sure what other tourism I'm going to decide on other than the mall, clubs, and water park. I wish I could be in Canada for another day, but maybe I'll be able to afford another trip later in the future........... I need to get my mind on this other craft fair coming up. I should have had more things finished by now, but I'm not mushing enough. I still have a good enough amount of time.