Friday, July 20, 2012

Dear Charlie

While I have not yet been around to everyplace to gather some info, I think I have seen enough for right now to have some things to say. I will say it again that I remain anorexic to all names and blended looks. I could guess your motive could be part of the cycle that involves the "honeymoon,"; you could be playing your own testing games; trying to either kiss up to or provoke me. Whatever the motive, I'm just not really going to go with your flow. I really am trying to survive and be cooperative as I can......
 There are some things you make clear and some things you do not make clear enough, so right now my best instinct would be to give you a little more acknowledgement.......As much as I said "To Rome with Love," is a lie, I would say it to "Savages," as well. I think there is some truth in some movies. You definitely come across as extremely terrorizing in Savages..... In a side trail of thought..... the arbitrage and identities are not completely clear. I have my own best guesses and definite answers of some men who I know are guilty of sexual violence and offenses. The further acknowledgement is, I can see how I am suppose to take some of the sexual savagry. A reminder, besides the broadness of arbitrage, I still have my own snowflake perspective and know that every man has his own story. The whys or reasoning could be different or the same in some cases. I personally have my own guesses as to the whys: Anger because I am not loyal; Anger because I am a rat of some sort; Anger because you and/or other men do not have sexual control or any sort of sexual control they want; Anger because some of the sexual control wants be to be a lesbian; or even the most updated said anger: crimes of passion or rage. There is still vagueness in the passion or rage because it can still be further defined.
I used to think Benecio del Torro was an attractive man with his own unique attractiveness. I no longer think that after seeing this movie. I notice in other movies he usually has the worst hand of cards. It makes me wonder a little more about his arbitrage as a whole, but I don't care to wonder too much anymore despite the sadness of it all.
Charlie, I can't see your intentions or motives yet for what they really could be. I don't think some men comprehend or understand just how much they sabatoge love if love is what they are really after when they make the choice to dehumanize, to be chauvenistic and psychotically demonizing, to be psychotically authoritarian or controlling. So currently even on your show even if you are wanting to warm me up with some of the backwardness and cynicism, Savages is speaking a little louder right now.
For you or for anyman who ever would want me to consider a serious or any sort of relationship, every single man included in Benecio del Torro's arbitrage would be the last I would consider. Not just because of being a drug lord, but even worse in the way he was a savage. I would not want Mitzi around someone of that persona.
I think it is possible Jon is included in this one and the message to him is almost the same as it is with Charlie and Benecio, but he isn't even kidding me that he is in it for love. Jon does nothing but sabatoge and brutalize and make every effort to break my heart. I'm still unsure with what is going on with him right now. Maybe there is a larger cooperation of us fading but I'm not even sure of what Dr. Oz is trying to say now either.