Saturday, November 3, 2012

Just Random Thoughts

I have been still getting ready for some marathons next year. At the gym, I can almost run a complete 3 mile run. Almost. I have to walk some because my sides hurt too much. I never claimed to be a professional runner. My goal next season will be to run an entire 5k marathon without walking at all. I already know treadmills are a much different story than actual turf. Some turf includes hills. There were a few other factors that I did a running/walking combination including the weather at the marathons this past year. Anyway, my main goal next year is to be able to do a full 5k without walking. After that, it will be about the actual amount of time. I should be able to sign up for more to run as well. I hope QCS picks the same gym for next year's membership.
Holiday season. This is going to be a new change to attend family gatherings for obvious reasons. I may eventually have more of a 2cents, but for now, I'm not going to say much about meeting up with family. I am excited for Christmas. I can't wait to go shopping for Mitzi and plan out some things.
Mitzi's father was in town last week when we got the child support out of the way..... He wants to be part of her life and will be seeing her more occassionaly. It is good news and bad news. I like the idea of having a mommy break for my "me time." He isn't completely on my good side yet with trust issues............ Clash of feelings.
There have been random things in the news that I have noticed that I'm not going to say much about for now.
There is so much free time that I have. I'm still waiting for a job offer, but still plenty of things to do in my free time. More crafts to make; things to knit; things to read; netflix movies to watch; things to think about and plan. I may eventually get so bored again that I may eventually write about netflix movies. So much to do, so little time, even when there are no festival deadlines.
I hate the small area that I live in. I was hoping that would be working out better, but there really are not a whole lot of babysitting opportunities in the area. I remember when I was at ORU that there were several wingmates or just other women at the school that had something similar to as a part time job. There was always a babysitting offer. They were the ones who got to be choosy on ends of supply and demand. Oh well. Hopefully, I will eventually find a job. No other thoughts for now......