Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Random Thoughts

One of the good things right now that I'm looking forward to is a marathon at the beginning of next month. I have a practice run tonight and of all days, it is 90 degree weather. I guess I could expect such a hot day in the summer. I wonder how much weight I've lost if I have lost any. I havn't checked the scale and will eventually do it when I think I can take it to see.-----------------------------------------
There is so much to do and it seems there is never enough time in the day. Knitting, crafting, chores, taking care of Mitzi, and I don't even have a job yet. I will eventually apply and the one of the next things on my endless list of things to do is to make a resume. I did start and have actually finished my cover letter but have yet to get around finishing my resume. I'm anxious to look up more festivals to display. Still poor in such an agonizing way. I really feel the rest of my life is doomed to the analogy of a camel. Some times life is not so bad. Other times I have the satisfaction of knowing that I am fulfilling something I would rather do than something else. Not many options as there should be in such a world that I'm not even going to describe right now. ------------------------------------------------------------
One thing that really has surprised me is the newest show coming out on FX with Anger Management. I lost track of the other 2 shows with Wilfred and Louie simply because I was too offended to finish watching. So far with Anger Management, I consider my approach to be nothing but surprised, observant, and curious to see what it is about. It definitely gets my attention, but I will leave it as just that. If characters are supposed to mean something to me, I'm not 100% sure who they are or what they should mean to me if there were anything directed at me. ----------------------------------------------------------
Usually, I really don't look out for my ego too much. There is a difference in having an ego and being egocentric. I know I have been fed up with Egocentric people for a long time now. However, there are times that I just have to be remindful especially during times that I feel suffocated by either a pig or a number of pigs. There is only one psychotic stalker I see right now which is Denny Williamson and I will make it personal that this blog is not about him at all. He remains in a rapist denial that I look up to him and live to impress or appease him. So yes, in this instance, I will be very clear and remindful for the sake of my very ignored and unacknowledged being.