Saturday, October 13, 2012

Thoughts of the day

What a week. Selling crafts is still on my mind. Busy month. I'm probably going to the flea market tmw to sell some stuff and still try to get rid of a bunch of books and pillows. When I need $, I need $. In saying that, I might as well spontaneously find a strip club out of town. (of course there is no comparison) It is more work for that, and it isn't a move I'm going to make yet. Regardless of the agendas of competitive hooker hearts, it really is a big deal to consider making a move to be a stripper. I havn't given myself a deadline and have already had it in my head to wait until November to look for jobs...................
Mitzi and I got our pictures taken this week. A couple of weeks to get them in but I am very happy about it. Right now, there really are not a lot of people in my life to share them with. Still, I do plan on eventually putting together our own scrap book album and a baby picture is still a baby picture for years to come and the day I can have my own nest to decorate my pics. I still see the past years of my life as tragedy and living through unjustified corruption. I still don't know what the future holds. I don't think too much about the newest Carrie Underwood song. Music is still just music but some songs I've been listening to are still good self-pep talks.
I got a good workout today. I'm loving this new gym I'm trying out. I'll probably keep going and just keep taking advantage of the QCS membership I have and coast off of that. I get a free 2-week trial anyway. If I would have known, I would have waited longer until the craft season was over, but I'm going to get some extra free time in as much as I can. Because of the QCS, I feel a little welcome, but it is one of the nicer and more costly gyms. It could be compared to the gym at ORU, but the setting and clientele are different. Until my life is financially better; I feel slightly out of place. 
Busy busy busy