Sunday, August 12, 2012


I can only put myself out of my misery.
What a long death/kill whatever.
The matador concept is a very big truth and I know what my real perception is no matter what anyone says or assumes. The game isn't always the concept of the matador, but most often, it is just fights fights fights fights fights.....
I see your raging bull continues on with the whole gitmo thing. Fine, you can have it your way. Forget the lust I have for you, I will go for the real literal bull and fucking hump that thing to pieces:

Look at that sexy bitch. One of its damn horns is already ripped off dammit.
(Jon I swear if you seriously put my money where my mouth is I will neverendingly scream for justice and want you murdered for the sex offender you have been. )

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Further on with some role playing, and continued objectification games or whatever it is with you.
If I am the one who is the matador, this is the way it is going to be:

Tom Petty- Last Dance With Mary Jane

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Limp fuck after limp fuck after limp fuck. I know we have never fucked but I've seen the perv you are and that you sexually correlate things anyway.

If I am the one who is the bull. It is more like a dumbass deer looking in a car's headlights. What the hell is your matador trying to achieve? What the fuck am I supposed to do with more insults and offenses? I'd probably just sit there and keep staring at you. hhhmmmmmmmmm? hhhuuuuhhhhhh?

I really do feel violently insulted and offended. I can't take your hate or your lies or your truth. So many times you bullshit and play games, I don't know what your lies or truths are. You make your hate very clear. And afterawhile, things die and your continued fights fights fights just are pointless. Fine, you hate me, you want to use and abuse me in your own ways that have yet to make sense.