Thursday, October 10, 2013


I'm not understanding your game or why you just won't end the conversation...... I don't completely trust Bill Gates right now on msn. I believe your message from last night and am not understanding what his aggression is with you and I from him. OK, so maybe you're not gay. It is a good thing for the type of man I want, but it still doesn't change anything from what was said yesterday. Your heart is with someone else, you would expect me to be subjected or feel inferior and you would be a gadaffi in saying so. You also still want me on the side. It isn't a "complete rejection," but something that works for only you. No Tom. NO. Barella is still on my mind but it hasn't happened. There are a few other potential men that I would consider. I'm not sure what you are trying to say about John A. but I do not want him at all. I have already denied him. I don't care what rejection game is going on, my answer is no. I'm not getting why you see yourself as my hero or what it is you are pushing to. I am aware of how you broke in my head today and am just quiet. You are impossible.