Sunday, September 6, 2015


Still on my mind...... Not sure what to think or say of some of the signs I saw today..... ha ..... Should I really feel pressured into being persuaded you want to marry me? Should I let myself take it seriously and seriously give myself something to think about? I've seen signs before and the way people BS for whatever reason they BS but nothing has ever come about. Why people would ever continue to make up their own BS relationship stories or intentionally prank me in the media, I will never know....... Amongst so many reasons, Denny Williamson has been my most terrorizing embarrassment of a stalker. He gives himself any and all credit and thinks he has my submission. (pope example) I have already screamed in front of everyone how much of a psycho, stalker, and rapist I think he is. Knowing I have such strong negative emotions against him and his psychotically terrorizing barbarian, he INTENTIONALLY IGNORES ME THINKING IT IS HIS RIGHT TO STALK ME AND TRY TO CLIMB ON TOP OF ME. HE THINKS HE DESERVES TO TERRORIZE, THREATEN, AND HARASS ME WITH HIS RAPIST "DOMINANCE." He lies and like other vain psycho barbarians, he tries to put me in bondage to his self and what his rules are. He has vainly and sickly insinuated that I wanted him and wants to put HIS VAIN LIES ON ME THAT I AM THE ONE "WHO IS TOO VAIN." The sick psycho he is, is what he wants to lie and say of me. I have been so disgusted against him for the longest time. I HAVE AND WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH HIM. I hate that I have another reason to feel embarrassed in front of you with his sick vain self-entitled pig............... For right now, I really don't have much more to say. I wish I could say it is all short and sweet today, but it is short and screaming. I'm going to let myself have a good day anyway and hope u do the same.