Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Random Thoughts

Just another day in the life of me.... My garden is a flop. I will try again at a different time, but not sure this year. I'm going to have to put more effort, research, and an investment before I try again. My biggest mistake was putting the soil on top of the grass because the grass just grew through it and grass counts as a weed. I havn't seen any other plants grow. So, I'll have to start all over again with additional supplies and knowledge next time. I have also come to a decision that I'm not going to invest as much in the spring/summertime crafting. Besides my winter accessories, some stuff sells, but not enough. So, this year, I've come to a different conclusion of how I will manage my crafts; goals to make; and times to sell. I may do maybe 2 or 3 more flea markets with some of the other stuff I have to sell, but it is going to be dependent on things and random. I have a load of pillows and books to get rid of to make a few extra bucks. One good thing coming up is a possible job opportunity. I'll be finding out more today, but if things work out, one major stressor will be out of the way. Besides the stress of not having a job, I have had a slight enjoyment in the spring with being a simple homebody. It is definitely not something that I like or even make a goal for. But when I have the house to myself, I've been watching some movies or listening to country music. I also feel more relaxed when a clean home is a happy home, but because of the baby, I don't have as much time to clean as before. I also have been thinking about the usual spring and summer things I do and I think I'll probably go to one of the next art walks. I think there may have already been one or two, but it is something that I will eventually get around to. I havn't decided what I'll be doing with other events but I'll probably be spontaneous. I found a new country song that I like that is simply happy go lucky, and although I havn't done any partying yet, this song gets stuck in my head sometimes:

Friday, May 4, 2012

Random thoughts

This is just a blog in the day of the life of me. Although there are still too many negatives in my life and things to be anxious about; I do have just a few things to be excited about in the next couple of weeks.... I finally got my gourd garden started. I planted a few other kinds of seeds as well. I'll just say that I know I'm not the professional gardener. I am an experimental novice and I'm alright with that. I may compete in some top rated garden contests one day. Maybe my yard will even be in a picture of a gardening magazine if I ever get rich enough to have a nice place of my own. For now, I'm fine being an experimental novice. In all of my knowledge, I did observe on thing and for the time skipped sowing a few seeds. The only seeds I didn't plant were the produce seeds that I had: carrots, watermelon, and peppers. I must have dumped the soil on an ant farm because one section of the soil had ants swarming in it. I thought to myself, ~damn, now I'm going to have to buy some kind of gardening bug spray. I saw at the dollar store that that stuff wasn't cheap. In addition, so much to have the label to say that my plants are organically grown. I think I could have put another layer of soil on the groud as well because some of the old ground was still coming out of the layer of soil. I'll live and learn and if nothing seriously grows because of it; I'll just have to try again. I've yet to sign up for one official marathon but I have started walking again. I will eventually be up to my usual distance, but I won't be able to as often since I have my baby. I have yet to decide if I want to be taking a stroller on the canal through the woods. On a few occassions I have seen snakes right on the path during my biking or hiking. I'll eventually run with the team but I would actually have to make plans to do that because just getting up and going somewhere isn't possible anymore with a baby. I'm almost ready for the flea markets again and have more crafts for an actual art gallery/store to display. I won't be putting them on ebay, but I may have a ~show and tell~ blog later of some of the pictures of my other crafts. This year, I have a little more satisfaction and pride at my art work. Along the way, some crafts have been experimental or mess-ups. I feel my work has improved a little and I'm happy about it. I hope I have better luck during this spring/summer season at the flea market this year. I already have made some things that are greatly reduced prices and the stuff from the previous year are being marked down. I may eventually put them at regular price if I enhance a few things and they sell better. The idea of finding a job is still something to be anxious for. I havn't started looking yet, but once I get a few things out of the way, it is something to have on the to do list. Love life is still crappy and not something I want to keep a focus on. There are some people things that I just pay attention to anyway.