Friday, February 10, 2017

As the Sarah Turns

While I still question the truth of a story and if Pete has cancer; I have no other choice than to have more doubt... Very upsetting. He came across as a sociopath juvenile last night. The one guy looked like him, but was from another country, so it couldn't have been the real Pete. What if him being from another country was a lie too? Was Pete's hair really red, or I thought it to have a brownish looking color. I was not giving Wayne any of the credit for it either... If Pete had such strong feelings against me, it is his own childish fault in acting like he emotionally or sexually cared. I keep questioning that. The doubt has outweighed my belief in him because he did show more interest in someone other. I think he meant to insult me too when he showed more interest in someone else. I still held down my personal fort with Kelly Rowland's "Representin," song. Pete obviously has a serious personal problem with the way I was never going to give up on my self worth. When my Pamela takes my bullies on; that is the emphasis I have against their hate. I'm not giving up on my self worth, and I'm not giving up on waiting for my personal Ludacris. My Ludacris will be well worth the wait, and if I never find one, it will be worth it for me to remain single than to lose my common sense to give up on my self worth for some juvenile sociopath who hates me. How vain it was and has been for someone to expect me to give in to their sick hate.

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