Saturday, January 21, 2017

That's It Dillon

My most prime initial thoughts: You are VERY paranoid, hypersensitive and on edge with me. I hate being forced to be so mean, but you leave me no choice. I was over you a long time ago. I was never even serious for you. I know you are out there lurking and stalking, and I would deem you another vain, egocentric man who is desperately trying to take me for what I'm worth. I don't care what you think of me Dillon, and I'm getting quite tired with the way YOU EXPECT ME TO BOW TO YOUR THREATS. You're another guy that I'd send to the Rusted Musket because all you are is a frustrated chauvinist staying the most frustrated in wanting me to give in to your one-sided and vain chauvinism. You're on my bad side for life Dillon. I don't know the half of what your one sided and chauvinistically double standard gossip is, but I can tell you want to put things on me and trash talk me when all I've done is glance at your stalker and blink. I hate to have to be so mean about it, but I can tell you keep trying to push me around in my blind side, and you seriously are too paranoid, egocentric, and desperate for wanting to put some kind of blame on me. I had a thing for you a long time ago, and got over you a long time ago. Someone could be an intentional instigator and provoker to you, but it isn't me, and I left you alone expecting to be left alone. You're not going to win with me.

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