Thursday, March 3, 2016

I've Gone to Boston

I wonder if that's a song: "I'm going to Boston," it's like I have a 60s folk tune phrase in my head but it could just be me. I've got another check on the map to the places I've been. This trip was mostly business, and only planned through business. I did get to do a little sightseeing, exploring, and wandering around. The trip had a little bit of a thrill with it. I may consider going back to Boston as a leisurely trip one day, but unless I had more money than I knew what to do with, it wouldn't be my first leisurely trip of choice. It is definitely a big historical town that had several important happenings and events. Besides a governmental history, it also had the bar "Cheers" where the "Cheers" show was actually made. I didn't go to the original one; I went to the one that was within one of the malls and got a souvenir mug. The shops were all closed by the time I was done. I had one main indulgent meal splurge which was in cheers: Cheeseburger and extra French fries. I didn't have a real lunch during the day. My breakfast and lunch meals consisted of granola bars and chex mix. I still have to tighten up my diet more than what I have. Sometimes, it is more difficult to adhere to my own strict diet when I'm on a tougher emotional roller coaster ride than others. I really know how to cut things out of my diet; having better substitutions made; and having good habits to mostly stick with. Besides the trouble with my occasional emotional roller coaster rides, is my regular daily schedules. The days I work my night job are the most difficult. I do not get much sleep and I typically eat 4 meals and sometimes 5 depending on how my late night hunger goes. I at least eat when I'm hungry and it's not like I'm binge eating, but having a normal eating habit is something that is easier said than done for a late night stripper. I don't have nearly enough time to go to the gym as much as I used to. Most of this blog is about my personal weight loss effort; I could join in on a weight watchers meeting. But right now is the time for me to really buckle down and get more strict about losing weight. I have gained both a size and some weight and I'm not happy about it. I feel I am almost on the borderline of gaining another size and I am on my own high red alert. Sometimes, on my emotional roller coaster, it is like New Years day and "Just one last indulgence or splurge." I know there are times I make great effort to eat right and make the food cuts that I need and this is why I am so upset. I know I try hard to keep the weight off. But I get upset because I eat when I'm upset and fat and fat because I eat. I'm not sincerely identifying myself as fat bastard but I sometimes feel a little pathetic and sad because of the effort I do make. While I get relieved of some stressors, there are always other stressors that I can't completely keep up with. ......... I guess it was the Cheeseburger and the Boston Cream Pie that got me going with the weight loss issue. It was a pretty good Boston Cream Pie. Mine was subway a la mode because I wasn't careful enough with my to go box when jumping from train to train. It still tasted the same. I'm in the airport right now with a 5 hour layover waiting to get on my last plane to Morgantown. One flight before me was canceled because of the weather and I will be so upset if my flight gets canceled. Don't know yet. I have two more hours to wait............. until then, can only keep looking forward to the future and hoping to eventually make more plans for better things to come. ..............

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